Batavia Software - Software Design

Batavia Software (BSD)  provides solutions by engineering software specific to your needs, whether that is frontend, backend, or embedded software, or even mobile apps.

We understand embedded firmware and their need for reliable code designed for limited resources.

App Development

Platform independent design if requested, software that runs on Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android.
Software that focuses on user interaction or can run silently in the background.

Firmware Engineering

Software specifically designed for micro-controllers (MPUs) and other dedicated processors.
We specialise in C, C++, and assembler code, the choice for unmanaged and reliable code.

Automation Design

Automation is a beautiful thing when it works, fast and reliable, as long as it has been engineered correctly from the start. BSD has many years experience designing reliable systems such as vision and X-ray inspection systems, label and printer applicator systems, RFID inventory systems, and forestry wood log tracking systems.
All of these projects had many different components that interfaced with each other, either via networking, serial connections or databases; the chosen components usually determine the exact system layout.

Barcode Labeling

Batavia Software Design can help you with labeling software such as Loftware (Nicelabel) and design a simple form that you can use for printing labels and provide inventory or (food) tracebility by saving printed data to a local database. We have many years of experience.